GraviDy: Gravitational Dynamics

The direct-summation of N- gravitational forces is a complex problem for which there is not analytical solution. Dense stellar systems such as galactic nuclei and stellar clusters but also protoplanetary discs are the loci of different interesting and different problems, ranging from the global evolution of globular clusters, tidal disruptions of stars by a massive black hole, the formation of protoplanets or the potential detection of sources of gravitational radiation, to mention a few.

GraviDy is a new GPU, direct-summation N-body integrator written from scratch and based on the Hermite scheme. The most important features of the code are:

  • Written in C/C++,
  • Using parallel computing techniques and libraries like OpenMP, MPI and CUDA,
  • full double-precision resolution,
  • its high modularity, which allows users to readily introduce new physics into it,
  • the exploitation of all high-performance computing resources available,
  • its maintenance and improvement cycle,
  • the fact that the code is publicly released under a BSD license and will be maintained via planned, public, regular updates.

Getting the code

  • From Gitlab

    git clone
  • From Github

    git clone
  • Alternatively you can download the lastest release as a tar.gz from here.


Cristián Maureira-Fredes
Pau Amaro-Seoane


The publication about this project can be found here.

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