The software has been tested in
  • Scientific Linux 6.0
  • Arch Linux

If you are brave enough to try it out in OSX or Windows, please share your thoughts!


Library/Software Version Reason
GCC v4.4.7 or greater Compiler
boost::program_options v1.52.0 or greater command-line options.
OpenMPI v1.8.8 or greater MPI implementation.
CUDA v5.5 or greater GPU implementation.


After download the code, enter the src directory and proceed to edit the Makefile with the Boost, CUDA and OpenMPI paths if they are not installed on the system, otherwise the flags are not needed.

Every version can be generated by:

  • make cpu, CPU version
  • make mpi, MPI version
  • make gpu, GPU version

(Remember to include the option -jX where X is the amount of available cores to compile in parallel, i.e. make -j4 gpu)

Input submodule

The initial conditions are in a different git repository, that you can obtain by executing the script setup-submodule, in the root of the repository.